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  • 1991 Foundation of the company ConPro GmbH
  • 1991 Development of a powder weighing unit with innovative measuring cell. (Patent No.: EP 0555759)
  • 1992 Launch of the contactless ultrasonic measuring for plastic pipes in the vacuum area.
  • 1993 Static ultrasonic measuring inside the inlet area of the calibration sleeve being installed in front of the vacuum tank. (Patent No.: EP 573907)
  • 1993 Development of the 100% measuring with rotating ultrasonic sensors, among others for the error detection on plastic gas pipes.
  • 1994 Ultrasonic measuring in a closed area
  • 1998 Publication of measuring concept – Pro Quality –
    Launch of the sector sensors for the 100% measuring of plastic pipes.
  • 1999 Development of a digital ultrasonic card
  • 2000 Adjustment of hardware and software for the gravimetric weighing and dosing technology.
  • 2000 Launch of calibration sleeve with variable diameter adjustment. (Patent No.: EP 1048434)
  • 2003 Extension of dosing technology for fibres and materials with bad pourability.
  • 2006 Completion of dual dosing units for poorly flowing materials
  • 2007 Development and market launch of laser technology.
    Offline measuring of pipes, sockets and fittings.
  • 2011 20 years ConPro GmbH
  • 2011 Mathematical algorithm for measuring of wall thickness from plastic pipes
  • 2012 Extruded pipes measuring system MAS up to 3m diameter and 180mm wall thickness on PE100


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