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GraviCon 3000-Basic

Gravimetric mass throughput recording with throughput-, relations- and meter weight control

GraviCon 3000-Basic is especially synchronized for integration into Extruder regulation. Customerized communication will be coordinated and tested in common between customer and ConPro.
Additionally to gravimetric mass throughput regulation, our delivery range covers dosing system for pellets, mill charge, powder and fiber material.


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Gravimetric is the first step for the automation of Extrusion lines.

Due to recording and control of the product weight, maximum savings will be achieved.
The final product shows a considerably lower fluctuation range, so waste and start-up scrap are reduced. Additional product weights are able to be reduced to a minimum by regulation.

As system captures the real throughput in kg/h, the regulation of fluctuation, caused by bulk density, material temperature or technical changes, can be corrected.

Technical data GraviCon 3000-Basic


Types of control

Control accuracy

Less than ± 0,4% according to operating conditions – Mono – System
Less than ± 0,8% according to operating conditions – Multicomponent -System

Voltage supply
By internal power supply unit 100-500V/ 50-60Hz or 24VDC±20%


Information about the extensive ConPro delivery program of S/M-KTW funnel weighers is available at the leaflet “S/M-KTW delivery range 2016”.
More than 25 years’ experience, based upon the installation of more than 10.000 funnel weighers, argues for a market-leading technology.


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