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GraviCon 3000-Control

Gravimetric dosing for implementation of complex recipe

GraviCon 3000-CONTROL „Stand alone System“ with touch screen (colored monitor) is used at Mono to-, multi-component-dosing in extrusion and co-extrusion technology for complex requirements.
Our gravimetric mass throughput recording permits to chose about recording, weighing, mixing and controlling the data of 1 up to 31 components, optionally.
We supply these dosing systems for pellets, mill materials, powder, fluids and fibre material.

ConPro 4 Komponenten mit PP 420



System for automation of complex dosing tasks in extrusion and co-extrusion.
By registration and regulation of different materials the highest savings will be reached. The final product shows a considerably lower fluctuation range, so that waste and start-up scrap are reduced. Additional product weights can be reduced to a minimum, by regulation

Technical data GraviCon 3000-Control


Types of control

Control accuracy

Less than ± 0,4% according to operating conditions – Mono – System
Less than ± 0,8% according to operating conditions – Multicomponent -System

Voltage supply

By internal power supply unit 100-500V/ 50-60Hz or 24VDC±20%


Information about the extensive ConPro delivery program of S/M-KTW funnel weighers is available at the leaflet “S/M-KTW delivery range 2016”.
More than 25 years’ experience, based upon the installation of more than 10.000 funnel weighers, argues for a market-leading technology.


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