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KTW Delivery range 2010

Funnel weighers for the consumption

measurement of pourable materials

The ConPro funnel weighers measure the mass throughput of the extruders and record fluctuations in bulk density.

Plattform/ Wägetrichteraufhängung
Plattform/ Wägetrichteraufhängung

The funnel weighers are fitted directly to the barrel infill opening with the aid of an adapter. If the screw geometry requires feed apparatus which doses the raw material to the screw or presses it into the barrel screws, the funnel weighers are mounted in the filling area of the feed apparatus. It is important that the material coming from the silo or ConPro storage hopper falls freely into the funnel weigher.
The filling of the funnel weigher is controlled by software. The software actuates the shut-off value (pinch valve or cut-off flap) and opens and/or closes it.


The funnel weighers are “continuously” operating weighers, i.e. they continually measure the decreasing weight of the material filled into the funnel. Once the minimum filling level is reached, the shut-off valve opens and the weigher is refilled . During the filling cycle the measurement is interrupted, the mass throughput being interpolated during this time. To ensure the precision of the weigher it is important for the filling time to be as short as possible in relation to the measuring time. As the filling time also includes the settling of the weigher hopper until the resting place has been reached, the ConPro weighers offer a decisive advantage. They operate with corner load compensated platform load cells. The funnel weigher stands on a platform and does not vibrate during filling like suspended funnel weighers. This minimises measuring interruptions and increases the weigher precision. The arrangement of the funnel weigher on a platform reduces malfunctions and increases the operating reliability in comparison to suspended funnel weighers. Other advantages include simple and fast removal of the funnel weigher and excellent cleaning possibilities.


High precision

  • Achieved as a result of the shorter measuring time interruptions and the optimally adaptable barrel infeed area to capacity and material.

Outstanding operating reliability

  • No oscillating motion of the weigher hopper in the event of knocks etc.
  • Increased overload range of the load cells
  • Sturdy design

Simple cleaning

  • Assembly and disassembly of the hopper is fast, simple and convenient.

Compact design

  • Can be installed even with restricted headroom.

Funnel weighers for granules

Trichterwaage für Granulate

KTW-G Preferable areas of application: Pipe, cable, foil and blow moulding production


KTW-PS Preferable areas of application: Profile production

Funnel weighers for powder


KTW-P Preferable areas of application: Pipe and sheet production

Additional advantages

Optimum workmanship

  • The quality of the surface finish and precise fabrication guarantee that the material pours optimally over the funnel surfaces.

Large volume compensation

  • The volume compensation during the filling cycle increases the precision and reduces dust formation.

Options such as vibratory and air blower device

  • Allows successful operation with difficult to pour materials.


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