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Scanner SCH

Ultrasonic measurement device and electronics for installation behind the first vacuum bath or futher downstream.

This type of scanner is designed for a reversing 360° measurement of plastic tubes. The rotor is mounted in a ball bearing located outside of the wet chamber. The measuring space has a width of approx. 50 mm. The complete drive unit is located outside of the measuring space which is filled with water as coupling medium. Stainless materials are used for encapsulating the measuring space. Changing the seals, which must be performed when changing the tube external diameter, is simple, fast and easy to perform using the quick release system developed by ConPro.

Further advantages of this scanner series include

  • Sensor adjustment is simple and also possible during production.
  • The water chamber (measuring chamber) is small, the water quantity is also small, thus malfunctions caused by the coupling medium are almost excluded.
  • The seals are held using quick release fasteners.
  • Water treatment units type WAB with filter and air bubble separator are available as an accessory.


The standard high capacity sensors permit the measuring of wall thickness up to 80 mm.


The electronic system comprises of a power section accommodated in a cabinet and a separate display with input terminal. The input terminal can either be installed as an overhead unit or as a stand. Please state the location when ordering.


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