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A leap ahead through sensor technology

Measuring mechanism for ultrasonic sensors

Measuring with statically arranged sensors is future orientated, increases the measuring reliability and user convenience and reduces the service commitment. Moreover, the ConPro measuring concept “Pro-statisch” represents an economical solution.

Delivery range: Pro-statisch 2015

Measuring in the cold zone
The measuring chambers are optionally available in a hinged design – see over-leaf. The advantage of the hinged design is that the seals are easier to change and do not have to perform a dual function. This improves the reliability of the measurement.


  • Contact pressure device
  • Water treatment WAB
  • Mobile electronics

Criteria for selecting the measuring point

Temperature at the measuring point
To ensure optimum utilisation of the ult-rasonic measuring precision, the pipe´s circumferential temperatures at the measuring point must be uniform, see ConPro News “Ultrasonic system for measuring pipe wall thickness in hot area”.
Approximately the same circumferential temperatures are found either in the
area of the calibrating sleeve or at the end of the extrusion line, down-stream from the last cooling bath.
Optimum material saving or optimum quality logging
If the emphasis is on saving material, measuring has to take place directly after the calibrating sleeve, with the exception of small and thin walled pipes produced at high speed. If, for example in the production of HDPE
pipes, the diameter and ovality are to be measured in addition to the wall thickness and automatically logged and a fault test performed, the measurement is made at the end of the cooling zone.

Measuring in the hot zone
The MV and MRT-V measuring cham-bers are of a hinged design to allow fast, convenient changing of the mea-suring rings or seals for the probe-to-specimen contact medium, water. Sizes of 250 and above require the additional installation of a pump with water distributor for safety reasons to prevent the extension (additional spray nozzles) from having a negative effecton the cooling capacity of the vacuum bath; see sketch.


  • Water treatment WAB
  • Mobile electronics

Calibrating sleeves

Tips for selecting the measuring device

Calibrating sleeves with integrated sen-sors are used when there are no calibrating sleeves in the extrusion line or when an extrusion line is used for producing only a few varying pipe dimensions. If larger numbers of calibrating sleeves are in use then the MV measuring chamber is more economical. The MH measuring chamber is, like the MV measuring chamber, equipped with adjustable sensors. Both measuring chambers are economical solutions. The MRR measuring chamber with fixed sensors is preferable for small pipes for reasons of precision. If the complete pipe circumference is to be mesured or a 100% measurement performed, select the *MRT or MRT-V measuring chambers. *These measuring chambers are equipped with trapezoidal modulators. They are also to be recommended if sensor adjustment
(such as in the MV and MH measuring chambers) is not desired.


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