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Weighing of poorly flowing materials

The I-KTW-S is a module of poorly flowing material as circulation material,fibre materials, grit and powder with fillers.

Especially new materials, used in Extrusion technology, are not processable by conventional weighing systems.
The increased use of highly filled PVC and other, poorly flowing materials caused the design and development of I-KTW-S.
With integration of ConPro Gravimetrics, there is been given a possibility of rapid records of apparent density fluctuation, which are a natural feature of the above mentioned materials.
The system is useable as replacement unit for installed version and also as a new system.
The disposed raw materials, as stainless steel or the AC motor will support a long-life-circle of the system.
Keeping the Material output constant is necessary for weighing and dosing of the material.
The I-KTW-S has been designed in order to assure constant output of poorly flowing materials.
The integrated agitator avoids bridge building and provides a permanently filled succession range.
The unit weight will be detected by platform load cell.
Material throughput will be calculated and controlled by loss-in-weight.

Product range

Special features

  • Easy mechanical assembly
  • Low in wear and maintenance
  • Lage throughput range
  • Excellent cost/performance ratio


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