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Measuring arm system (MAS)

Efficient Production start based on prior measuring value

ConPro Measuring arm system (MAS) permits a faster and economic start-up process during production of thick-walled large-diameter pipes. At ConPro MAS system, ultrasonic sensors measure the wall-thickness distribution instead of the former difficult and time consuming applications..Every pipe diameter will be submitted by pneumatic adjustment now. Advantage for the operator: The pipe can be gauged at the tool, immediately.

ConPro Messarm-System (MAS)
ConPro Messarm-System (MAS)

Upon measuring area for pipe diameters higher than 125 mm, ConPro MAS covers an additional application area.
Its feature is an easy handling during practice experience, which allows using the system in variable measuring positions.
An improvement in Vacuum is possible, also.
The system discontinues the usual gasket seal exchange.

ConPro Messarm-System (MAS)

After start up of the line, the ultrasonic sensors will be set to the pipe pneumatically. Measuring of high-definition ultrasonic electronic starts.
To evaluate measuring data immediately, the results will be shown graphically at a 15” touch display.
Potential differences of wall-thickness distribution will be shown promptly.
Result of early control: The pipe can be centered after production of less meters and start-up scrap will be reduced obviously.
ConPro MAS amortizes itself within a few months.

Your Advantages:

• Faster run-in of the line at production start
• High measuring area: 125 mm up to 2500 mm
• No Gasket-Seal exchange
• Insertion on different measuring positions
• Preservation of resources and prompt amortization


• Autarkic water supply
• Diameter measuring

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